Special Events

There are special events at ATTM every year.

  • The collection of ATTM and visitor machinery, much of it over a century old, is displayed both as static and operating items at our Machinery Festival.
  • We periodically feature our historic tractor display, covering machines that led the mechanisation and automation of Victorian agriculture and forestry in the revolution that preceded today’s electronic and robotic marvels.
  • We make a fuss of our heritage locomotives each year as they have their respective birthdays.
  • Most of our markets have a theme, usually reflecting the season.

We also have many one-off, feature days.

The highlight for 2023 will be our Machinery Festival – the largest one we’ve ever run. Click through here for full details.

A little while ago we put on a special show for the first operating day since the running direction switched from clockwise to anticlockwise – an event that had to wait 18 years for a turning triangle to be completed and is a very welcome change. Read more about it here.

For more details, call the Info line on 0427 509 988