We Appreciate Your Support

Our volunteers generously give their time and effort to upkeep and operate the Alexandra Timber Tramway. Without the interest and donations from the public we would cease to exist.

We have plans to restore many more exhibits at our museum and in future seek to expand our rail to offer visitors and even greater experience.

We have a specific fundraising campaign hosted on GoFundMe for our Running Shed project. The link is here. Any contributions will help us fund a new shed to store and restore our unique locomotive collection. This fund is specifically for this purpose.

Generally, all contributions no matter how great or small add up to help us keep this piece of history preserved for future generations to enjoy.

AT PRESENT the donations function on this website is not working. We’re liaising with PayPal to activate it. We’d still welcome donations arranged via our contact email or phone number. So sorry!


Alexandra Timber Tramway

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