Covid-Safe Operation

Our site has been mostly closed since March 2020 due to Covid-19.

We are gradually reopening in a Covid-Safe way as regulations permit, and with a comprehensive Covid-Safe plan in place, subject to having sufficient volunteers to operate safely.

When you visit, please look out for our Covid-Safe signage and comply fully with the directions of our volunteer workers under the direction of our site Covid Marshal.

Our current CovidSafe plan is shown below. It will be updated as regulations and the situation changes. This will ensure that everyone can see all the exhibits, ride on the train and enjoy social time, while socially distanced and with minimal physical contact.

In brief, our plan complies with government guidelines and best practice as applicable at the time. It will generally cover:

  • Vaccination requirements (as at 1st November ONLY persons showing evidence of double vaccination or an APPROVED exemption will be permitted entry as visitors or volunteers)
  • Mask wearing requirements
  • Limits on numbers on site and in spaces such as rooms and train carriages at any one time as well as social distancing
  • A requirement to provide contact details in line with Victorian Government requirements
  • Restricted access, if any, to enclosed museum rooms
  • A preference for contactless payment rather than cash
  • Limited numbers on rides, possibly managed around family or ‘bubble’ groups.

Note for public health officers: Contact tracing data locations and records enquiries to 0427 509 988

Our full plan

Please read the detailed information here: COVIDSafe Plan.