CovidSafe Reopening

Our site is currently closed due to Covid-19 and we have no specific plans to reopen or operate running days at present.

However, we will reopen in a Covid-Safe way once regulations permit, once we have a Covid-Safe plan in place, and sufficient volunteers to operate.

We do not expect this to be prior to the end of 2020.

Please be patient while we prepare!

When we reopen, we will have a Covid-Safe plan in operation.

The CovidSafe plan will ensure that everyone can see all the exhibits, ride on the train and enjoy social time, while socially distanced and with minimal physical contact.

We expect this will include:

  • Everyone wearing a mask
  • Limits on numbers on site at any one time
  • A requirement to provide contact details in line with Victorian Government requirements and a pre-booking facility to reserve admission places, but with unreserved places available for walk-ups
  • Restricted access, if any, to enclosed museum rooms
  • Contactless payment may be required rather than cash
  • Limited numbers on rides, possibly managed around family or ‘bubble’ groups.