Admission Prices

Admission to the ATTM is by a ticket purchased at the station. This entitles you to enjoy our exhibits all day, with unlimited train rides included in the cost of the ticket.

If you arrive after 3.00pm on any running day, your ticket will be stamped as valid for the next available running day so that you can get full value.

Entry to the museum is $7.00, with free entry to children 3 and under.

Please note we do not have EFTPOS facilities

Everyone working at the ATTM is a volunteer and our aim is to make sure you enjoy your stay. Please consider a donation, as every little bit helps us to restore items in our collection and improve our facilities. If you have enjoyed your stay, please tell your friends about us!


The Alexandra Timber Tramway and the environment.

The Alexandra Timber Tramway is a concerned citizen in relation to the environment. On average, our operations produce around seven tonnes of carbon dioxide annually, half the annual output of the average Australian home.

In addition, the ATTM does everything it can to reduce its emissions, including the use of solar power to light outbuildings and the use of energy-efficient globes wherever possible. Our steam locomotives burn wood sourced only from waste timber, which is carbon neutral. Natural decay releases the same amount of carbon dioxide as combustion.