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Log Bogies

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Status: Operational, under restoration

The ATT has on display a large number of wheel sets for log bogies designed to work over wooden-railed tramways.  These wheel sets are characterised by wide treads and deep flanges, an absence of springing, and a very simple lubrication system consisting of a dab of grease applied to the axle with a stick in the vicinity of each axlebox.  Such vehicles were robust, and all the sawmiller had to buy from the ironmonger were the wheel sets and axle boxes, the remainder of the metal parts being easily made by the mill blacksmith and all of the timber for the frame obtainable locally at the sawmill.

In the late 1930s, some sawmillers started constructing log bogies with steel frames. These were even more robust and tended to last much longer.   The ATT has on display three bogies of this type on 3-ft (914mm) gauge.