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Kelly + Lewis Bogie

Historical Photo
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Status: Operational, under restoration

The Kelly & Lewis bogie pictured is one of those built in 1935 and 1936 for Rubicon sawmillers Clark & Pearce (later Ruoak Timbers Pty Ltd) for use on the Rubicon to Alexandra Tramway.  A delivery of twenty trucks accompanied the first Kelly & Lewis diesel locomotive in December 1935 and cost 33 pounds for each truck.  A further delivery of twenty trucks arrived with the second diesel locomotive in 1936.  Every second truck was fitted with brakes.  The trucks are clearly a copy of the Bochum Union trucks owned by Ruoak’s predecessor, the Rubicon Lumber & Tramway Company, but the frames are welded rather than riveted.  The axles run in plain white-metal bearings and are lubricated with an oil reservoir above the axlebox feeding via a worsted-wick into a second reservoir and wiper pad underneath the axle.

When the tramway closed in 1947, all of the bogies owned by Ruoak were pressed into service around the mill.  Sixteen Kelly & Lewis bogies survive today at the Alexandra Timber Tramway.  All but one have had the brake handle cut off when they were used to move timber around the mill, but are otherwise substantially complete.