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Bochum Union Bogie


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Status: Operational, under restoration

The first steel-framed bogies used on the Rubicon to Alexandra tramway were purchased in 1911 by the Rubicon Lumber & Tramway Company.  These trucks were a product of "Bochumer Verein für Bergbau und Gusstahlfabrikation" [Bochum Union for Mining and Steel Casting Manufacture].  The Company's works were established in the Ruhr industrial district at Bochum, Germany, in 1842, and its products won two first prizes at the Centennial Exhibition in Melbourne in 1888.  It employed between about 9,000 men, and had its own collieries and iron ore mines producing 650,000 tons of coal and 40,000 to 60,000 tons of iron ore per year.  Bochum Union had its own works railway with forty kilometres of track, twelve locomotives and 350 wagons.  Its catalogues offered everything from a single truck to a complete light railway, including locomotives.  The Company is still in the railway business today.

When the Lumber Company lost control of the Rubicon tramway in 1935, the Bochum Union trucks were set aside until purchased with the rest of the Company’s assets by Ruoak Timbers in 1938.  Seventeen Bochum Union trucks survive today at the ATT.