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Status: Operational

Passenger CarsThe ATT currently has two passenger cars, both built by Denys Steinhauser at his Kiewa Works in north-eastern Victoria.

The larger of the two cars was built specifically for the ATT and was funded by the former Apex Club of Alexandra.  The doors in this car are from the toilets on a NSWGR “Ashworth” car.  The smaller of the two cars was built for the now-defunct Yangardook Tramway at Toolern Vale, where it was painted red and named “The Dustlander”. It was purchased by the ATT in the late 1980s and repainted green for use at Alexandra.  This car is fitted with seats from a former Melbourne cable-tram trailer.

Both cars ride on 4-wheel bogies formerly used on the Rubicon to Alexandra Tramway. There are two types of bogies in use, the Bochum Union bogie and the Kelly & Lewis bogie.