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KraussThe one type of locomotive missing from the ATT collection is a 6-tonne 0-4-0WT Krauss locomotive.  This type of locomotive was used on the Rubicon to Alexandra tramway from its construction in 1911 until 1935 when the Kelly & Lewis locomotives took over.  All three of these locomotives survived at Alexandra until the mid-1950s when they were unfortunately cut up for scrap.  We are in possession of an original smoke-box door and a rear coupler – all we are missing are the bits that go in between!

If you know of the whereabouts of any fitting, frame, wheels or boiler which might be used to replicate one of these locomotives, please let us know by one of the methods listed on the Contacts page.

Surplus stocks

The ATT currently has no surplus stock available.

Heritage and Engineering Services

Engineering ServicesThe ATT can supply heritage and engineering services in the survey, assessment and conservation of historic machinery and historic sites.  This can include the production of maps, plans, drawings, photographic documentation and written reports.  We can also carry out “hands on” restoration using our wide range of mechanical skills.  All restorations are carried out to the prescriptions of the Burra Charter of Australia ICOMOS, the standard used in professional conservation and restoration Australia-wide.  Projects completed include the return to steam of the Cornish boiler at Day’s Flour Mill near Murchison for Parks Victoria, an archeological survey of Brown & Cecil’s historic sawmill site, and conservation work at the former SECV sawmill at Rubicon for the Historic Places Section of the Department of Sustainability & Environment. 

If you are interested in our services, please go to the Contacts page for details.  Proceeds from any work undertaken go to the Alexandra Timber Tramway, with our volunteers giving their time for free.