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2nhp Marshall portable 45907 of 1906

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Status: Operational

This 2nhp (nominal horse-power) portable steam engine was ordered by Marshall agents Robison Brothers of South Melbourne on 22 August 1906 and arrived in Australia on 10 December 1906 on the SS Port Phillip at a landed cost of £101 13s 0d.  On 15 January 1909 it was sold to J. C. Dahlsen & Company of Bairnsdale for $133.  Dahlsens were shipping agents on the Gippsland Lakes and operated paddle steamers, but had also diversified into other local industries such as sawmilling.  This is the only 2nhp Marshall to have been imported into Australia by Robison Brothers and is reputed to be the only 2nhp Marshall portable under steam in Australia.