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Steel Company of Australia logging winch

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This logging winch was constructed by the Steel Company of Australia of Brunswick.  A third-motion winch, it features cylindrical trunk guides, flat "D" slide valves, Stephenson's link reversing gear, a cast steel frame mounted on rolled steel joists, and twin cast steel drums.  Most winches were of the second motion type, and the additional intermediate drive shaft on this winch provided very low gearing and hence additional power.

This particular winch was used by Ruoak Timbers at the far end of its log line supplying the No.5 mill in the Rubicon Forest.  It was removed from the bush along with its Ruston Proctor “bottleneck-jackass” boiler when the mill closed in 1952 and, for many years, lay outside J. L. Gould’s sawmill in Alexandra before the machinery was reunited at the Alexandra Timber Tramway in 1988.

This winch site has been set up using advice from former Rubicon Lumber & Tramway Company “bush-boss” Ernie Le Brun, and is maintained as a memorial to the twelve men who died at Rubicon in the bushfires of 1939.