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Hudswell Clarke 0-6-0 1098 (7)

Cheetham Cheetham

Status: Under restoration

This 0-6-0 tender locomotive was built in Leeds, England by Hudswell Clarke in 1915, and is similar to many of this make which operated on sugar cane tramways in Queensland.  It first worked at Childers Mill, where it was given the number ‘7’ on the locomotive roster, which it was to retain throughout its working life.  In 1932 it was sold to the Isis Central Mill and, in 1960, it passed into the hands of the Gin Gin Mill.  In 1970 it was purchased by Bruce MacDonald who restored it at the Goulburn Steam Museum.  The locomotive was transferred to the Old Brickworks Museum at Yarralumla in the ACT in 1978.

Hudswell Clarke 1098 was obtained by the Alexandra Timber Tramway in 1981, and was operated on a short length of track at Alexandra.  However, it proved to be too heavy for the sharp curves and  30lb rail in use at the time, and was retired for an overhaul in favour of the lighter John Fowler 0-6-0T locomotive.  The track has since been rebuilt with 60lb rail, and it is intended to return the Hudswell Clarke to service as a priority project.