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Whitcomb 4wDM 40521 of 1947

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Status: Awaiting Restoration

This locomotive is a Whitcomb 4wDM, model 5DM26A, builder’s number 40521, built in 1947 to the gauge of 60cm for a large 1946 order from the French Supply Council.  The locomotive was originally powered by an International Harvester UD6 engine.  Whitcomb 40521 is reputed to have been used on the Snowy Mountains hydro scheme, and perhaps arrived in Australia around 1955 with the joint venture of six French contractors (including Etudes et Entreprises and Citra) responsible for the Upper Tumut pressure shaft, T1 power station and the tail-water tunnel.  At some stage after this work was finished in 1959, the loco was sold to Upton Engineering of Corowa, where the engine was removed for use elsewhere.

In 1987 the locomotive was sold to a machinery collector and moved to Belgrave South, where it lay for some years. It was purchased by the ATT in June 2005.  We have a suitable “International” petrol engine to power this locomotive and, if we can find a matching transmission, this should make an excellent operational loco with very little other work than the replacement of some of the cab structure and the roof and a coat of paint.  Only three other Whitcomb locomotives are known to have been used in Australia: 11734 of 1924 (3-ft or 914mm gauge) used at David Mitchell Estate in Lilydale, and 61108 and 61109 (5-ft 3-in or 1600mm gauge) used at APM Maryvale.  Whitcomb 40521 is the only preserved Whitcomb locomotive in Australia.