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Motor Rail "Simplex" 4wDM 10058 of 1948 (L5)

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Status: Operational

“Simplex” 10058 was ordered in 1948 by Melbourne agents Marfleet & Weight for the State Rivers & Water Supply Commission’s Tarago aqueduct tunnel (used for the supply of water to the Mornington Peninsula).  After the completion of the tunnel, the locomotive was purchased at auction in August 1957 by Cheetham Salt Limited for £320.  The locomotive was then used at the Laverton salt works to haul salt from the evaporating pans to the works stockpile.

In June 1986, 10058 was purchased by ATT member Peter Evans from Cheetham’s Laverton works in an engineless, derelict condition.  Work had already started on cutting-up the locomotive for scrap, with the frame cut completely through in six places. “Simplex” 10058 was fitted with the engine from sister locomotive 7351 of 1938, and was returned to service at Alexandra in early 1992.  The site of the former Laverton salt works is now the Sanctuary Lakes housing development and there is very little sign of the once extensive salt works tramway system.