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SEC2 4wPM ganger's trolley

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Status: Operational

This, the smallest of the self-powered items of rolling stock at Alexandra, started life as a 5-ft 3-in (1600mm) gauge Victorian Railways ganger’s trolley.  It is powered by a “Commando” single-cylinder petrol engine which can be started to run in both directions, eliminating the need for a gearbox.  Final drive is via a belt to the wheels.

At some stage the trolley found its way to the State Electricity Commission’s 3-ft (914mm) gauge Bogong Creek raceline tramway as part of the Kiewa hydro-electric scheme.  With the line being at an altitude of 700m, it must have been a cold job in winter for its operator.  It was eventually discarded in favour of inspection vehicles with a greater degree of protection for the driver.

The trolley was purchased by Denys Steinhauser of Kiewa, re-gauged to 2-ft (610mm), and sold to a member of the ATT for use at Alexandra.  The trolley, being designed for the broad gauge and straight runs, can be very “exciting” to ride on the sharp curves at Alexandra.  It has only one speed – very fast – and, as such , is only used when there are enough volunteers willing to “ride the trapeze” on the inboard side of the curves. No member of the public is allowed on board!