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Malcolm Moore 4wPM C.396 of 1946

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Status: Awaiting restoration

This 3-ft 6-in (1067mm) gauge Fordson tractor-powered rail tractor was one of three built by Malcolm Moore of Port Melbourne for the Victorian State Rivers and Water Supply Commission in 1946, being the second rail tractor supplied under the contract.  It was used on enlargement works at the Hume Dam near Albury.  The Hume Dam was proposed and started in 1919. It took seventeen years to build, opening in 1936, at which time it was the largest dam in the British Empire and the third-largest world-wide.  The irrigation potential it unleashed was such a success that the dam was enlarged in the 1950s, submerging the town of Tallangatta.  It was during this period that the Malcolm Moore rail tractors were used.  When full, the Hume Weir holds more water than Sydney Harbour, and has become a popular recreational and water sports attraction.

The three Malcolm Moore rail tractors (plant numbers 18-C-6, 18-C-7 and 18-C-8) were advertised for sale by auction at Bendigo on 15, 16 and 17 July 1958 along with a large number of other items of equipment.  This particular rail tractor was subsequently obtained by the Bellarine Peninsula Railway (south of Geelong), and used on the re-gauging of the railway to 3-ft 6-in.  The Malcolm Moore was transferred to Alexandra under a lease agreement on 3 July 2003. It is believed to be the sole survivor of its class.