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Kelly & Lewis / Caldwell Vale 4wDM loco "Flora"

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Status: Awaiting Long-term restoration

This locomotive frame was built by Kelly & Lewis of Springvale, Victoria, on behalf of Caldwell Engineering (Australia), of Marrickville, New South Wales.  The locomotive was one of two constructed to the order of the NSW Metropolitan Water Sewerage & Drainage Board for use on the construction of the Captain Cook Graving Dock (Sydney) in the early 1940s.  This particular locomotive was known as FLORA, and its running mate was known as GWEN.  Both were fitted with Fowler brand radiators, presumably having Fowler diesel engines.

FLORA was noted in use at the Graving Dock in 1942, and was still there in 1944.  Its whereabouts after this is currently not certain until around 1961, when it was used in the dismantling of the NSW Government Railways branch-line between The Rock and Westby, which was formally closed in 1961.  When it arrived at The Rock, it is reputed that the contractor did not realise that railways were sometimes of different gauges, and that it could not be used in its present form.  The loco was converted 4ft 8½in (1435mm) gauge by cutting the axles in half and using tube steel to make up the difference, and by widening the frames.  By this time a new engine had been fitted.

After this, it appears that the loco remained at The Rock until obtained by Upton Engineering of Corowa for parts or scrap.  The engine and radiator were removed along with the cab.  In October 1987, it was obtained by a private collector and moved to a property at Belgrave South around June 1993.  The ATT&M purchased the remains of this loco in June 2005, and it arrived at Alexandra in April 2006.  When time and funds permit, the Alexandra Timber Tramway intends to convert the loco back to 2ft (610mm) gauge and restore the loco to operating condition in as near-built condition as possible.