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For descriptions and photos of some of our non-steam locomotives and track maintenance equipment, click on the links below:

Cheetham Salt No.1

Day’s tractor (ex Ruoak Timbers)

Day’s tractor (ex J. S. Lee)

Day's tractor (ex Cheetham Salt Works)

George Sewell locomotive

Kelly & Lewis 4271

Kelly & Lewis 5957

Kelly & Lewis “Flora”

Malcolm Moore 1049

Malcolm Moore 1091

Malcolm Moore 23

Malcolm Moore C.396

Malcolm Moore GT-112-DH1

Malcolm Moore TACL

Matisa Tamper 7665

SEC 2 Ganger’s Trolley

Simplex 7351

Simplex 10058

Simplex 20560

Whitcomb 40521

Coming soon - The ATT's Malcolm Moore Collection


All locomotives are 2 foot (610mm) gauge unless otherwise noted.